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Office Hours & Policy

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Closed Office Policy

Serious, Urgent Matters: Report to the ER or Urgent Care
Minor, Urgent Matters: Call 480-216-2086 (Fees may apply)

Payments & Fees

New Patient 60-90 minutes $ 250-335 Initial Visit Fee
First Initial Follow Up 60 minutes $ 255 First Initial Initial Follow Up Fee
Follow-Up visit 30/45/60 minutes $ 135 / 155 / 175 Scheduled as needed
Phone Consultation (local and out-of-state) also available (same fees apply)

Contact our office for special diagnostic testing fees
Treatments and therapies provided during office visit may require additional fees

Insurance Information

Our medical practice operates as a fee for service cash based practice as medical insurance companies do not accept Naturopathic Doctors as primary care doctors in CA. Therefore, full payment is required at time of service. An itemized service summary, including appropriate medical codes (ICD-10, CPT), is provided to you a time of service to allow for your submission for reimbursement and/or application toward your medical insurance deductible. Payments may be made with cash, check, or debit card.


New Patient Intake Forms

All new patients are to complete the first four of the following intake forms prior to their initial scheduled appointment. Record Release Authorization forms may be completed on an as needed basis.