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Cardiovascular Health

Managing cholesterol and blood pressure with or without medication simply is not enough to prevent or reverse heart disease. Only through maintaining blood vessel health (endothelial function), inflammation levels, digestive health, hormone balance, weight management and mental emotional health can we truly prevent, treat and reverse cardiovascular disease. Be proactive. Complete the survey to evaluate your cardiovascular health.

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Women’s Hormone Balance

Hormonal imbalance causes symptoms of perimenopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, and is behind issues from thyroid conditions, migraine headaches, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and abnormal weight gain. Complete the survey to determine if personalized dosages of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy may be right for you.

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Men’s Hormone Health

Men, like women, experience challenges of hormone imbalance, a condition known as Andropause. Symptoms of low testosterone may significantly impact sex drive, motivation, mood, energy, muscle mass, weight gain and erectile function. Complete the survey to determine if personalized dosages of testosterone therapy may be right for you.

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Thyroid Function

Weight gain and loss of energy are the most common symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. Other symptoms may include muscle and joint aches, constipation, intolerance to cold, and changes with hair, skin and nails. The screening lab test, THS, does not provide a complete picture of thyroid function. Complete the survey to determine if you are experiencing sub-clinical hypothyroidism.

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Adrenal Fatigue

Long term chronic stress weakens adrenal gland function and over time leads to reduced cortisol and DHEA production. Symptoms are similar to low thyroid function and for this reason adrenal fatigue is often misdiagnosed. Symptoms may include ongoing fatigue (worse in morning), insomnia, salt or sugar cravings, abdominal weight gain and irritability. Are you experiencing adrenal fatigue?

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Digestive Health Food Sensitivity Testing

Symptoms of frequent indigestion, abdominal pain/discomfort, constipation and/or diarrhea, gas and bloating, reflux, and/or belching indicate inadequate digestive health. Food sensitivities and/or imbalanced digestive flora (Candida overgrowth) may be the underlying cause. Complete the survey and determine if food sensitivity testing is the answer to your chronic digestive issues.

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Candida Infection

Digestive impairment is at an all time high in our country today and the underlying cause may be an infection with Candida. This yeast infection may have an impact on every aspect of your health, yet it is not well recognized in conventional medicine. Do not suffer in silence. Complete the survey and determine if all your symptoms may be related to systemic Candida. Treatment is available.

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Brain/Memory Function

As we begin the aging process one of our greatest fears is the decline in our brain/memory function. Items such as stress levels, hormone balance, blood sugar regulation, blood vessel health, nutrient levels, toxicity levels, inflammatory levels and oxidative stress all play a role in brain health. Complete the survey to evaluate your level of brain and memory function.

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